End of Week 2 Bootcamp Thoughts

Since this past Monday was a holiday and we only had a 4-day week, technically this was a short week. However, since we started covering Javascript this week, it certainly didn’t feel like it!

Javascript has been a much tougher beast to tame than the HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap we covered last week. I feel like the syntax is getting easier to understand, but trying to understand the logic of what goes on behind the scenes on even a seemingly simple website has been hard to wrap my brain around. As of today, things are beginning to “click” a little bit better, but I’m definitely going to need to study this weekend.

The challenge lies in the detail of what is required to make something happen on a webpage. Just clicking a mouse on a page can lead to a myriad of Javascript functions taking place. Each one of those functions has sometimes many lines of code giving the browser instructions. Each line must be thought out and carefully coded because just one missed step or typo can break the whole chain.

All in all, so far the bootcamp has been great. Though it can definitely be a lot to take in sometimes, that’s kinda the point. We are condensing what takes some people years to learn into a 12-week window.